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CoolFire is an innovative, rapid response technology which provides a firefighter with the advantage of being able to attack fire from a relatively safe position outside a building or structure.  Because of its ability to penetrate virtually any material, CoolFire gives firefighters a huge flexibility in where they can attack a fire from (up through a concrete floor, sideways from an unaffected structure, for example) – a choice that is usually aided by the use of a thermal camera system to pinpoint hot spots and hot gas build up.  PPV can be used to carry the water mist through complex structures and/or clear residual steam or smoke.

To find out more watch a clip here.

CoolFire Concept

CoolFire cuts through building materials using a mixture of cutting abrasive and water to gain...
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CoolFire Components

The CoolFire system comprises an ergonomically designed dual action lance, high pressure hose and control wire connected to...
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Vehicle & Skid Options

CoolFire is by far the preferred choice as it is modular, lightweight and simple to...
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