CoolFire Lance

The Lance is the final delivery and command component of the CoolFire system.  It is connected to the Hose/Umbilical through which it is supplied with water and electrical power and back through which it sends commands.

The Lance is an integrated piece of handheld equipment that delivers the High Pressure (300 Bar) water, with abrasive added when required, to the surface to be penetrated and through which a fine water mist.  The Lance is also the point from which the firefighter sends out commands to the rest of the CoolFire system to supply just water or water and abrasive.

The Lance comprises an ergonomically designed, heavy duty, plastic body shell which houses a stainless steel barrel, connection for the HP water, and three triggers.  Those three trigger are:

1/ High pressure (HP) Water Activation Trigger
2/ Garnet Abrasive Activation Trigger.
3/ Safety Interlock in the butt section. The Lance cannot function or demand any water flow without this safety interlock point engaged.

Building the Safety Interlock into the butt of the Lance not only ensures that the Lance is tight to the firefighter’s shoulder before use but also gives the user both hands to operate the water and abrasive triggers.   The Safety interlock is unique and is protected by a guard plate which, when the Lance is brought up to be fired, transforms into a shoulder rest which is also unique.

The end of the Lance barrel is fitted with a nozzle guard and shroud to protect the user from spray and deflected water.  Like every part of CoolFire, even the nozzle guard has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure it is exactly right – offering the best possible protection, stability, flexibility of use and stand-off for the nozzle.

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