Offshore Rig

Complex foam skid to protect high specification offshore rig

Developing a new offshore oil field in the ultra-harsh environment of the North East Canada seaboard (operating in temperatures down to -30C) required our client to seek out leading edge engineering and innovative new technology to provide ice resistant structures and equipment.

Our client was looking for a fire protection company that could combine complex engineering with the manufacturing ability to use high value materials. The skid design had to take account of the fact that neither of the traditional mediums used for fire protection (sea water and gas suppression) could be used on their risk, and only a very limited amount of fresh water was available for fire fighting. The design criterion was to -26C environment with a heated foam tank and heat traced and insulated pipework.

The Angus solution was to design a high expansion foam skid using water turbine pumps driven by sea water to power the foam pumps. The package formed a key part of the topsides safety system of the Gravity Based Structure (GBS).

With an in-house team of specialist engineers including applications, design and drafting, Angus was able to both design the solution and have it manufactured as a seamless project. The client had the advantage of a single team and contact point managing the project from concept to commissioning.