With the production of LNG expected to reach 10% of the global crude production by 2020, storage and processing facilities are growing in their size and complexity. With most processed LNG being transported by sea, these large storage tanks are most commonly located next to loading jetties which require specialised equipment to protect them. Accidental release into collecting ponds presents a serious risk of violent ignition as LNG
expands 620 times moving from the liquid to vapour phase. As LNG has a boiling point of -161°C operating temperatures can range from -161 to +1300°C. Angus Fire’s slow draining Hi-Expansion foam, Expandol is the preferred choice by many installations to control a fire should ignition occur. Angus Fire’s series of LNG Turbex foam generators ensures the most economical amount of water is used, to reduce the rate of LNG
evaporation. This combination of foam and generator has been installed at many LNG facilities around the world.