Portable Extinguishers

Angus Fire offers one of the most comprehensive selection of portable fire extinguishers available. The range includes Heavy Duty and Light Duty extinguishers which are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, marine, petrochemical and also commercial applications.


Heavy Duty Portable Extinguishers

Ideal for use in the harshest environments, these premium range of extinguishers include gas cartridge...
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Light Duty Portable Extinguishers

The Tartan extinguishers are all stored pressure type and include powder, water, foam and CO2...
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  • Angus Fire Donates Fire Equipment to Ukraine

    Angus Fire Donates Fire Equipment to Ukraine

    Angus Fire is pleased to donate a wide range of much needed Fire Fighting hose, branch pipes and other firefighting ...

  • JOIFF Global Fire Expo

    JOIFF Global Fire Expo

    Angus Fire will be participating in the Global Fire Expo being hosted by JOIFF. This event is completely virtual and will ...

  • Interschutz 2022

    Interschutz 2022

    We are pleased to announce that the delayed Interschutz exhibition will take place in Hanover, Germany between 20 – 25 ...