Angus Fire manufactures a range of covered fire hoses including the world’s leading BS6391 Kitemarked fire hose Duraline.

For industrial hose, please visit Angus Flexible Pipelines to see the full range.

Rebel Attack Hose

 Angus Rebel attack hose, is a first responder firefighting hose that can withstand flames...
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Angus Fire’s Duraline is the world’s premier covered fire hose. Duraline has been used by...
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Duraline Hi-Vol

Duraline Hi-Vol is a large diameter water delivery hose renowned for outstanding performance.  This easy...
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Angus Fire’s Target fire hose is a Type 3 construction lightweight hose with excellent heat...
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Hivolite water delivery hose represents excellent product reliability. Especially designed for high volume pumps (HVPs)...
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Fire Hose Care & Maintenance

Fire hose should be stored in cool, dry and well ventilated conditions.  When loaded on...
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