The world's premier high-performance fire hose

Angus Fire’s Duraline is the world’s premier covered fire hose. Duraline has been used by municipal and industrial fire services around the world for over 5 decades. Featuring outstanding performance, with low maintenance and exceptional storage life, Duraline offers the best value for money.

Specially formulated high grade synthetic rubber is extruded through a polyamide woven jacket to give a non-kinking construction and excellent rubber to textile adhesion. Duraline is manufactured in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001 quality management systems.  It is Kitemarked to BS 6391 Type 3 and UL approved.

An important feature of Duraline is its ability to be deployed in the Cleveland Coil configuration, which enables firefighters to move the hose from its stowed position in a standard vehicle hose locker and to carry it quickly and easily into high rise buildings, where it can be charged rapidly with water, ready for immediate fire fighting. The hose rapidly assumes a smoothly coiled shape with no kinking once charged and therefore it is able to provide a full water flow for fire fighting.

Duraline Fire Hose

Duraline also complies fully with the UK Royal Navy requirement for non-kinking in restricted gangways onboard ship.

To calculate outlet pressure and potential pressure loss for Duraline you can use a software programme developed by Angus Fire.  HoseCalc allows the user to select from the Angus Fire range of hoses and diameters, various coupling combinations used in varied situations. To use HoseCalc you just need to register once.  With your login you can then use HoseCalc again and again.

Hose Calc Button


Duraline is the answer to the distinct and unique challenges that firefighters face in high rise buildings. The video below shows the versatility of deploying Duraline in the Cleveland Coil method:

Cleveland Coil Test

At the site of an incident, fire hose is often dragged across uneven and rough surfaces causing abrasion damage. Duraline has exceptional abrasion resistance and every metre is tested to ensure no loss of performance when you need it most. The video below demonstrates our BS6391 Abrasion test procedure:

Abrasion Test

Duraline significantly exceeds the requirements for heat resistance in the BS6391 Hot Cube Test. The video below demonstrates the testing process and Duraline’s exceptional performance.

Hot Cube Test

To find out more about the benefits of Duraline for municipal and industrial fire fighting, please contact a member of our team and we’ll be happy to help.