Foam Design Manual

Angus Fire offers a complete range of foam equipment products from portable low expansion branchpipes, through mobile foam units, such as the world-renowned AF120 to complete fixed foam equipment solutions. Designed to fight fires involving flammable liquids in all high risk industries, Angus Foam equipment has been developed to perform optimally with the Angus Fire range of foam concentrates.

In addition to foam equipment Angus Fire also supplies a comprehensive foam design manual, which is an invaluable tool for fire engineers wishing to design foam systems. Following a recent technical review the new manual is now available for download. (Please note, by registering to download this manual you give your consent to us to contact you about our products and services.)

The attached taster file gives you an idea of the contents of the manual. If you wish to view or download the complete manual or sections of it, please follow the link below.