F3 – Fluorine Free Foam

Fluorine free foam concentrates from Angus Fire combine excellent performance and low environmental impact.  Angus Fire manufactures Respondol,  Jetfoam and Syndura in the fluorine free category.

Use, Discharge, and Disposal of Firefighting Foam Products


Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam

The ability to prevent, control and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently in today’s high risk...
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Respondol ATF

Respondol ATF continues to push the boundaries of fluorine free foam (F3) technology by delivering...
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JetFoam ICAO-C

Angus Fire’s JetFoam ICAO-C is a new breakthrough in the aviation industy. This 100% biodegradable...
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JetFoam ICAO-B

JetFoam ICAO-B is the world’s first film forming, fluorine free (F3) high performance foam concentrate,...
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Syndura was the world’s first operational fluorine free foam (F3) for extinguishing and securing flammable...
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