Portable Foam Equipment

Angus Fire manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality, long lasting and low maintenance Portable Foam Equipment.

Angus Fire’s foam equipment range offers rapid and reliable fire protection for sites where flammable and hazardous liquids are stored and processed.  Suitable for use with any type of foam, this equipment is not only efficient at foam induction but also produces top quality foam.  The Angus Hi-Combat range is also ideal back-up for fixed foam systems as required by NFPA 11 and BSEN13565.

The Hi-Combat products are

  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Compact to fit neatly into fire appliance lockers
  • Colour-coded for rapid assembly
  • Tough and corrosion-resistant for long operating life


Low Expansion

The Angus Fire Hi-Combat low expansion foam branchpipes have been designed to create the best...
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Medium Expansion

Angus Fire’s Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes provide fast and efficient delivery of highest quality, medium...
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High Expansion

Angus Hi-Combat Expansion foam generators are designed to produce large capacities of high expansion foam,...
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Angus Fire  Portable Foam Uniductors provide a simple and reliable means of mixing foam and...
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