High Back Pressure Foam Generator

Series 2

Angus High Back Pressure Foam Generators (HBPGs) are used in subsurface foam injection systems which are primarily designed for the protection of fixed roof storage tanks containing hydrocarbon fuels.

The Series 2 generators have significantly enhanced performance capabilities and the range has been extended to six models, with foam solution capacities from 225 litres/minute to 3400 litres/minute as shown overleaf.

The materials used in construction fully comply with the international standards accepted by the oil and petrochemical industries.

Using a suitable fuel resistant foam concentrate such as Angus Alcoseal, Petroseal and FP70, aspirated foam with an expansion ratio of between 2:1 and 4:1 can be produced against a back pressure of up to 40% of the inlet pressure. This property enables the foam to overcome the pressure exerted by the head of fuel and downstream pipework friction losses.