Full Surface Top Pourer

Full Surface Storage Tank Foam Application System

Floating roof storage tanks are inherently very safe, with fire risks mainly confined to the seal area. However, wear and tear of the seals can allow them to become contaminated with fuel. In the event of an ignition source, such as lightning, a rimseal fire may occur. The normal fire-fighting systems for floating roof tanks such as Angus Rimseal Pourers are highly effective in flooding the seal area and quickly extinguishing a fire.

However, if the roof sinks, the full surface area of the tank contents is exposed to atmosphere and fire will engulf the whole tank surface. A large flow system will then be needed to provide foam at a higher application rate.

The Angus Full Surface Top Pourer is specifically designed to provide these higher flow rates whilst generating good quality expanded foam when used with a high performance Angus foam concentrate. The outlet is specifically designed to discharge on to the tank wall such that it ‘flows’ on to the burning fuel providing gentle foam application.

Benefits of the FST Pourer include:

  • No risk of static charge causing re-ignition; a possibility if a monitor is used.
  • Lower application rate required (6.5 ltrs/mtr2/min against 11 for monitor application)
  • Rapid-acting fully automatic system for sites with low manning levels
  • All the foam is applied to the risk area gently
  • Buncefield report calls for full surface protection on all tanks