Portable Ground Monitor

The Streamline Portable Ground Monitor has been specially designed to be light weight with excellent stability and low maintenance. It is robust and effective and can be quickly brought into use. It folds compactly for vehicle stowage. This portable Ground Monitor delivers a highly effective aspirated foam blanket by using an F900/H branchpipe and Angus Portable Inductors.

The monitor consists of a two way collecting head mounted on a folding stainless steel ground frame. The Monitor outlet is a ball and socket design which provides direct control over a wide area. The natural reaction force of the water is sufficient to maintain position and at the same time permit adjustment during operation. The unit incorporates a swinging flap valve to permit use of a single hose if required. Standard inlet connections are 21/2” Instantaneous but alternative system hose connectors can be fitted. The standard outlet connection is 21/2” BSP male thread but this can also be adapted as desired to hose connectors to permit the use of various nozzles.