Firefighting Trailers

The Angus Fire STORMforce range of fire fighting trailers provides powerful fire fighting performance for a wide range of applications from emergency pumping duties to bulk storage tank protection. They are ideal for providing fast flexible emergency response around a large site or cluster of smaller sites in a locality, with diverse equipment options.

STORMforce fire fighting trailers provide a rapid and cost-effective response to your fire fighting needs with the following features:

  • Low profile tank design provides low centre of gravity for enhanced operational stability
  • Independent suspension for improved handling
  • Over-run braking system, hand brake and road lighting as standard
  • Stabiliser jacks for added safety during operation
  • High quality non-chip thermoplastic coating bonded onto metal
  • Towing hitch options available
 The range is made up of three chassis designs:
  • 1000 litre capacity tank trailer
  • 2000 litre capacity tank trailer
  • Flat bed Trailer

From these chassis a number of configurations can be manufactured to include equipment, pump, geared and oscillating monitors. In addition the Angus PMB30 tote trailer offers an entry level, cost effective mobile monitor. Applications include protection of tanks and plant sited over a wide area and where it is necessary to lift and direct a jet of foam over obstacles or over long distances.