VIP Visit to Angus Fire


On March 23rd 2016 Mr and Mrs Jestyn Angus were greeted by Managing Director, Paul Williams and the Angus Fire Team at its UK manufacturing facility in High Bentham, North Yorkshire. It was a very special occasion for all at Angus Fire to welcome Jestyn, as the last (seventh generation) member of the Angus family to have worked at the company, which was started by his family over 220 years ago.

The foundations of Angus Fire Ltd were laid by William Angus in 1790 and the business remained in family hands until 1968, with company passing through the hand sof several large corporations before returning to private ownership as part of a Management Team MBO in 2013.

Mr and Mrs Angus were given a VIP site tour across all of the hose, foam and engineering products manufacturing areas, which triggered many memories of his time with the company.

He found that the ethical business values put in place by his family, were still very much alive and well in the company of today.

Jestyn exchanged his experiences of working at Angus fifty years ago with working at the Company today and was very pleased to see that the emphasis on producing high quality products and servicing a diverse range of sectors and geographies remained as core values of the business.

Jestyn shared some unique Angus family history with the Angus Team and filled in some gaps within the history of Angus Fire.

On his departure Jestyn commented, “I am so pleased that the Angus history and past track record still count for so much in the successful progress and future of Angus Fire.”


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