High Expansion


Using High expansion foam is an exceptionally efficient firefighting technique for large enclosed areas such as ships’ engine rooms, warehouses, packaging plants, ships’ holds, mines, chemical stores and incineration plants. The efficiency of any high expansion foam system depends upon producing well-formed, high quality foam. It must then be delivered rapidly into the risk area, against a possible back pressure that may result from the confines of the application.

Hi Expansion foam is also used to protect severe cryogenic risks such as LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gases). Foam generators designed for standard industrial applications will not have the performance requirements necessary to meet these risks.  Angus Fire has developed a special LNG Fixed Turbex System to meet this extremely demanding application, where the NFPA Fire Exposure Test calls for performance  to be unaffected during the 5 min pre-burn period of the test, were temperatures can exceed 1000C.

You can read about Angus Fire’s LNG fire protection products in the attached LNG brochure.

Fixed Turbex Skids and Systems

High expansion foam systems represent the most effective protection for such specialised and severe cryogenic...
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