Liquefied Natural Gas -LNG


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a risk area at the heart of Angus Fire Engineering’s expertise. LNG fires need a radically different approach to other hydrocarbon risks. Angus Fire has developed a range of systems using high expansion foam, water cooling and Monnex based dry chemical, specifically designed to address this risk.

A major potential hazard of LNG activity is the formation of a vapour cloud from an accidental release of product. The systems developed by Angus Fire provide a foam blanket in order to suppress the vapours released, so that a controlled plant shut down can be carried out. Dry chemical and water cooling support this by aiding dispersion of the released LNG.

Whatever the requirement – production, transportation or storage – Angus  Fire has the products, systems expertise and experience to meet the safety demands of LNG production.  You can read more about the product offering in the attached brochure.