Rimseal Pourers

For Open Top Floating Roof Tanks

The Angus Rimseal unit comprises two elements – the Rimseal Foam Generator (RFG) which produces expanded foam when supplied with foam solution, and the Rimseal Foam Pourer (RFP) which delivers the foam gently into the rimseal area.
The RFP is a low-profile unit which protects the foam from high winds and guides it gently on to the tank wall. The front shield allows fully developed foam to emerge in a cohesive blanket that flows intact onto the inside wall of the tank. The stainless steel mesh at the foam exit helps to prevent blockage from insects and nesting birds.

Angus also offer the option of one-piece units (RFP50F & RFP80F) incorporating a flange on the end of the foam inlet pipe. An orifice plate is supplied, which calibrates the flow rate of the unit. The orifice disc is fitted between the flange on the RFP50F and RFP80F, and the corresponding flange on the supply pipe.  The RFP50F & RFP80F produce expanded foam when supplied with foam solution and delivers the foam gently into the rimseal area.

For new tanks, the Angus Rimseal Pourers make the most cost-effective use of foam concentrate and water resources by producing the designed foam solution application rate.

For retrofit onto existing tanks during refurbishment, the Angus RFG, RFP50F and RFP80F models can replace existing units without the need for expensive modification. Accurate factory-calibration ensures full compatibility with existing foam concentrate induction systems.

To further simplify installation, a fixing kit is now supplied as an optional extra which facilitates installation to the tank whilst still in use and without the need for hot work.

Watch here a Rimseal Pourer in action.

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