Top Pourers

Angus Fire has been protecting tanks using Top Pourer technology for over 30 years.  Constant research and development has lead to the current designs which meet the demands of modern day tank protection including the need for Full Surface Pourers.

Angus Top Pourers are used to protect fixed roof tanks, storing both hydrocharbon and polar solvent fuels.

Top Pourer Sets - TPS MK4 /TPS MK5

Angus Foam Top Pourer Sets, TPS Mk 4 & TPS Mk5 are designed for use...
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Full Surface Top Pourer

Floating roof storage tanks are inherently very safe, with fire risks mainly confined to the...
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Geodesic Rimseal Pourer

Angus Fire’s  Rimseal Foam Equipment is used for the protection of vertical Open Top Floating...
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