LNG Pit Protection

LNG represents a major challenge for fire fighters, from a liquid to gaseous state it expands by 600 times and is flammable in concentrations between 5% and 15% in air.

lngpitprotection1Containment of any spills is the key, followed by either a controlled burn off or controlled vaporisation to air – water enhances vaporisation, so the favoured medium is high expansion foam with its low water content.

Angus has been at the forefront of developing the fire fighting response to LNG risks which is why our client in Algeria sought out our engineering team to validate their design and supply the Angus FT2 LNG Pourers to protect their facility.

lngpitprotection2The Angus FT2 is one of the few LNG Turbex units (if not the only) to have passed the demanding UL LNG Fire test (1,200C for 5 mins) and also been repeated used in LNG training exercises at the Texas A&M facility in the USA.

LNG facilities in Belgium, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Italy and Algeria are all protected with Angus LNG Turbex units.

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