Jetty Protection

Foam skid and remote control monitors to protect jetty

Our client wanted to upgrade the protection of the largest importation facility for finished product in Nigeria. They were conscious that this valuable national asset under their control was vital to keep the fuel flowing at petrol stations around the country.

Angus were asked to link up with their favoured EPC contractor to come up with a proposal to protect the jetty whilst ensuring that at no time was the unloading and distribution of product interrupted.

jetty2Angus designed and shipped a modular skid that was piped into the existing fire water ring mains system with no disruption to service, by utilizing an Angus flexible hose (Armourline) to bypass to the ring mains ensuring the integrity of the system should an emergency have happened

Only Angus Fire had the breadth of technology in fire fighting hose and systems to provide this solution.

Maintenance is the key to reliability and 100% availability of systems – Angus engineers visit site every 12 months for a comprehensive service and testing of the complete jetty fire fighting system.