Offshore Platforms, Helidecks and Helipads

Offshore Platforms
The oil and gases present offshore, can produce a highly combustible and unstable atmosphere, making it essential that fire detection and extinguishing systems work reliably and as automatically as possible.

Another important feature of offshore equipment is the capability to cope with the demands of the constant salt-water environment meaning the use of the highest grade materials. Space and weight is always a design issue that must be resolved when designing a suitable system for an offshore platform.

A common layout of a platform means areas/zones are stacked on top of one another in a vertical arrangement. This usually requires multiple zone systems ensuring each area is suitably protected from the risk of fire.

Angus Fire has many years of experience of providing fire protection systems for offshore platforms all over the globe including the North Sea, Azerbaijan and Canada.

Helidecks and Helipads
Helideck and helipad landing areas are usually encountered on fixed offshore oil platforms, mobile installations, vessels supporting offshore mineral exploitations and other sea-going vessels. Onshore they may be located close to airports/landing strips, hospitals, hotels, conference centres and high rise buildings.

The hazard associated with landing helicopters on these usually small, open areas, often in extreme environmental conditions demands that the most effective and correctly designed fire protection systems are installed.

Angus Fire’s expertise in this application is based on many years system design experience. By complying with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) regulations and in many cases involving the industry renowned Angus Fire OM-80 automatic, oscillating monitor, Angus Fire offers the most reliable and environmentally resistant solutions to these applications.