Petrochemical Plants

Angus Fire’s engineering department offers fire fighting systems for a wide range of production processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry. We can design, supply and commission systems entirely according to customer specifications.

Once the risk and overall plant has been reviewed by our highly experienced design and engineering team we can propose the best solution for protecting the risk based on the correct extinguishing agent. Water is the most widely used, but may be unsuitable as an extinguishing agent in some production processes. In those cases, we can work with an alternative extinguishing agents such as foam or dry chemical.

Fire protection systems such as water sprinkler and foam spray systems are used in the process industries for protection of storage vessels, process plant, loading installations and warehouses. The duty of the fire protection system may be to extinguish the fire, control the fire, or provide exposure protection to prevent spreading of the fire to adjacent risks. For some applications foam pourers or fixed water monitors may be a more appropriate method of delivery than sprays or sprinklers.