Duraline Hi-Vol

Large diameter water delivery hose

Duraline Hi-Vol is a large diameter water delivery hose renowned for outstanding performance.  This easy to deploy and retrieve and low maintenance hose also has an exceptional storage life.

Manufactured to the same demanding standards as Duraline fire hose, Duraline Hi-Vol offers an efficient means of rapidly delivering critical water supplies in emergencies when water resources are limited or even non-existent.

Outstanding Performance
A single 125mm diameter length of Duraline Hi-Vol can move as much water as eight lengths of standard 64mm fire hose. The unique technology behind Duraline Hi-Vol ensures minimum pressure drop and maximum robustness.

Simple Deployment and Retrieval
A wide range of deployment and retrieval systems have been designed to support Duraline Hi-Vol and simplify its use. These ensure compliance with manual handling regulations and can be custom-engineered to meet the requirements of individual users.

Low Maintenance
Duraline Hi-Vol can be wiped down after an incident and returned to storage without drying. Simple repair techniques are available to ensure damaged hose can be quickly and safely returned to service.

Features specially formulated high grade synthetic rubber extruded through an all synthetic woven jacket to give maximum resistance to UV and weathering.

Manufactured in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001 quality management system. Raw materials, components, and finished products are 100% tested and inspected to ensure excellent product reliability.

Duraline Hi-Vol is fitted with Angus Corru-Grip Storz couplings. A complete range of manifolds, breechings and distribution equipment is available to ensure the most efficient use of valuable water resources.

Exceptional Storage Life
Large diameter hose spends most of its life in storage. The specially formulated rubber blend in Duraline Hi-Vol ensures maximum storage life whatever the storage or operational conditions

To calculate outlet pressure and potential pressure loss for Duraline Hi-Vol you can use a software programme developed by Angus Fire.  HoseCalc allows the user to select from the Angus Fire range of hoses and diameters, various coupling combinations used in varied situations. To use HoseCalc you just need to register once.  With your login you can then use HoseCalc again and again. Click here to access HoseCalc Software.

Duraline Hi-Vol HoseCalc

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