Offshore Heated Hose Reel Cabinets

Following on from the successful supply of around 100 units between 2000 and 2005, Angus Fire Engineering has been commissioned to work with the world’s sixth largest petrochemical company on a scheduled upgrade and replacement program of another prestigious site.

Being required to work with seawater in a coastal and harsh environment ncluding extremes of temperature from -7°C to +40°C, the materials of construction have been selected to give a maximum life span whilst ensuring the units are always ready for action.

The main cabinet and tank are constructed from 316 and 316L stainless steel respectively, which are then fully coated. The cabinet with a three coat epoxy based paint system suitable for marine environments and the foam tank has a glass flake lining inside to provide a very high level of corrosion protection.

Each unit comprises a 250 litre foam storage tank and fully enclosed hose reel with thermostatically controlled heaters that maintain a minimum temperature of +5°C within the cabinets at all times. A simple foam induction system is supplied with an on/off valve that allows the operator to select between water only or foam solution application, depending upon the firefighting need.

These units utilise Angus’s own Niagara ARFFFP 3-3 foam concentrate, which is a multi-purpose alcohol resistant foam that provides excellent firefighting properties for most types of fire expected in these locations.

All of the above combines to make the units ideal for any offshore or coastal application, but as with all Angus Fire Engineering products and systems, the design and materials can be adapted to suit almost any application or environment, just let us know what your specific requirements are.