Engineered Products

Angus Fire has been at the forefront of supplying fire equipment, bespoke skids and systems for a wide range of applications.  A comprehensive product range includes fixed foam devices, foam induction skids and waterspray equipment. Fully qualified Application Engineers, with a wealth of technical and hands-on experience, design and specify systems in compliance with current NFPA and other International Standards.

Deluge Skids

Deluge systems are an integral part of fixed Fire protection systems from Water Cooling applications, water supply to foam systems and personnel protection. Angus Fire Engineering has vast experience in the design of Deluge Skids and can offer a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

As part of a fixed fire fighting system the Deluge skid provides the control of the water supply to the system. This can range from on/off control to pressure control. As a critical part of the Firefighting system it is essential the deluge skid is designed to suit the application.

Foam Systems

Foam systems are the critical element in asset protection, with a vast knowledge of all Fire Fighting foam systems Angus can offer a solution to meet your requirements. Experience in Tank Protection, LNG, Loading Facilities, Jetty’s and Offshore Installations. All complimented with an unrivalled range of foam concentrates.


The Angus Floatafoam  System comprises a number of fully automatic foam delivery modules designed to detect and extinguish floating roof tank rimseal fires in their infancy. Primarily designed to replace halon systems which are now considered environmentally unacceptable, the Angus Floatafoam is equally suited to new tanks being built and tanks which currently have no such protection. Floatafoam is a versatile system which can be tailored to suit your preferred operating philosophy and specification requirements. More info on Floatafoam


The Helijector is a selfcontained skid-mounted foam proportioning system, comprising a foam storage tank, water turbine, foam pump and all interconnecting pipework. All components are manufactured from materials accepted for offshore use and are mounted within a robust steel framed skid.

Developed primarily for offshore helideck monitor protection systems, the Helijector is available in three sizes to match constant flow rates of 900, 1800 and 2700 litres/minute at 7 bar and is particularly suitable for use with the Angus Oscillating Monitor. The unit is also ideal for use with any other fixed foam system with a known constant flow where very low maintenance is a priority. More info on Helijector


With hundreds of designs produced Angus Fire Engineering can offer Hydrants for any application. We have experience with fabricated bespoke designs, Cast units for improved corrosion resistance, experience with exotic materials and paint finishes. For both onshore and offshore installations.

Hydrants are provided for rapid intervention for small incidents, the hydrants need to remain reliable in the harshest of environments so material selection is critical. Angus can design the hydrant to meet individual requirements. Supplemented by the Angus range of portable firefighting equipment Angus can supply the complete package to suit the application.