Oscillating Monitors

Oscillating monitors are often found protecting the most hazardous area of a site or platform. They can be turned on remotely via a water valve allowing the user to remain at a safe distance. The automated sweeping action enables the monitor to cover a wide risk area. Angus Oscillating monitors are supplied with a permanent pelton wheel water driven motor, which provides the power for the horizontal oscillation movement. No outside power source is needed.

Oscillating monitors offered by Angus Fire are OM80 and OMM1:

The OMM1 is the new oscillating MM1 monitor designed for onshore use at operating pressures between 5 & 14 bar g.  It has exceptional operational liability and features water powered oscillation.  It is recommended for use with LTN or Hi-Combat monitor nozzles.

The OM80 is a nominal 80mm waterway Oscillating Monitor, designed to provide optimised hydraulic efficiency and long throw performance when the Angus Long Throw (LTN) nozzles or (LTC) cannons are fitted. The compact low profile configuration, makes this monitor particularly suitable for installation on towers, aircraft hangars, offshore platforms for helideck protection and other areas where space is limited.

The OM80 is engineered to the highest standards to withstand severe environmental conditions and provide exceptional operational reliability, long life and extremely low maintenance.

Watch OM80 in use here