Offshore Helideck Protection

Our client in Asia required a Foam Proportioning system for a helideck on an offshore platform. It needed to be suitable for supplying 1% foam solution to Oscillating Monitors with varying seawater supply pressures.

Our design team evaluated the options and concluded the Angus Helijector offered the best solution.

a7a2064nopallet2The Helijector is a self-contained skid-mounted foam proportioning system, comprising a 300 litre foam storage tank, pelton wheel driven foam pump and interconnecting pipework. Foam concentrate is directly injected into the water line feeding the oscillating monitors, which normally have a constant flow. If there is however small changes in flow, the pelton wheel will adequately compensate to ensure only 1% foam concentration is delivered to the risk.

A foam proportioning Bladder Tank could also have been used for this application, but the foam filling procedure is far more complex with the possibility to damage the bladder if performed incorrectly.

The Helijector has an atmospheric tank, which ensures that it can be easily filled with foam, even when in operation.