Top Pourer Sets – TPS MK4 /TPS MK5

Foam Top Pourer Sets

Angus Foam Top Pourer Sets, TPS Mk 4 & TPS Mk5 are designed for use in foam systems for the protection of flammable liquid storage tanks with nitrogen inerted blankets and/or tank internal pressures below 5 psig and combine foam generation, vapour sealing and foam pouring in a robust, low-maintenance integral unit.

Modern materials such as graphite and stainless steel are employed to ensure each unit performs to the precise pressure and flow standards laid down by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and NFPA.

There are four basic body sizes with capacities ranging from 75 to 3,300 litres/min at inlet pressures between 3 and 10 barg. Each unit is factory calibrated to perform at a fixed flow and pressure point within the limits shown overleaf. The system designer is therefore able to make the most cost-effective use of available water and foam concentrate resources.

The discharge characteristics of the TPS Mk 4 & TPS Mk5 are enhanced by the deflector plate fitted to the outlet which disperses the finished foam against the tank wall. This ensures a more rapid spread across the surface of the fuel, whilst lowering the application velocity to reduce contamination of the foam by the fuel. An important consideration especially on polar solvent fuels.

Inspection, routine maintenance and replacement of the frangible glass disc are facilitated by an easily removed cover on top of the unit. Special heavy duty glass discs are fitted which are suitable for internal tank pressures up to 5 psig.