Monsoon Monitor Range

Angus Monsoon is a premium range of approved monitors and nozzles, designed and built for use in the harshest of environments, where demanding specifications combined with rugged materials of construction are paramount to provide longevity of service alongside powerful, uncompromising performance.

Water and foam fire monitor protection can be considered for use with all industrial fire hazards, however, some applications should be considered more critical or extreme than others due to their location or the nature of the risk being protected.


Monsoon Main Control Panel – AMMCM

Monsoon Manual Monitor – AMM

Monsoon Monitor Interface Box – AMMIB

Monsoon Remote Control Monitor – AMRC

Monsoon Remote Control Nozzle – AMNC

Monsoon Valve Interface Box – AMVIB

Monsoon Wireless Unit Kit – AMWK

Monsoon Chain Operated Monitor – AMC

Monsoon Hand Wheeled Monitor – AMW

Monsoon Jet Fog Nozzle – AMN

Monsoon Oscillating Monitor – AMWO

The Angus Monsoon range is ideally suited for fire hazards present in:

  • Fuel Storage Terminals & Refineries
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Marine terminals & Loading Jetties
  • FPSOs and FLNGs
  • Offshore Platforms & Helicopter Landing Pads
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • LNG/LPG Terminals

The Angus Monsoon monitor range, along with selected nozzles, are FM approved – FM 1421 & FM 5511.

The entire range is approved to a working pressure of 16 bar. This is the highest operating pressure currently available for FM-approved monitors.

 Designed For Optimum Performance

The ergonomic design of the Angus Monsoon Monitor range allows movements on the vertical & horizontal planes by direct transference of force to the monitor joints, making movement very smooth. The joints are built into the monitor cast using a double-channel system to contain the ball bearings.

The “S” shaped body is designed to balance reaction forces, reduce pressure loss and finally couple the monitor with multiple discharge outlet options such as water or foam cannons and jet/fog nozzles.

Monsoon Manual Monitors

  • Hand Lever Monitor
  • Wheel Operated Monitor
  • Chain Operated Monitor

Monsoon Oscillating Monitors

  • Oscillating Monitor
  • Oscillating Unit Only

Monsoon Nozzle Options

  • Jet / Fog Nozzles

Monsoon Remote Controlled Monitors

  • Remote Control Monitor
  • Remote Control Nozzle

Monsoon Remote Control Panels

  • Local Control Panel
  • Podium Control Panel
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