Docks and Jetties

The loading and off-loading of oil tankers and chemical cargo ships is a highly hazardous operation with a potentially high fire risk. The increase in marine transportation of dangerous and flammable products has significantly increased the magnitude of this risk. The catalogue of hazards involved is many and various. The possibility of ship collisions either with the jetty or with each other, product/vapour explosions, product spills and improper product transfer are all potential threats.

Strategically placed remote controlled foam/water monitors will protect the means of escape for personnel escaping from the jetty, loading arms area, pump and control rooms. They are also well positioned to offer additional fire cover on the vessel should a fire occur nearby on deck during loading and off-loading operations. Angus Fire Engineering is very experienced in jetty and dock protection offering the comprehensive range of Angus Fire monitors and associated equipment including under jetty foam systems.