Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam

Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam

The ability to prevent, control and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently in today’s high risk and environmentally conscious environments is a key driver in all solutions offered by Angus Fire. Our range of fluorine free firefighting foam concentrates combine excellent fire performance with low environmental impact.

Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam Range

Compatible with current hardware (similar viscosity)

Quickly mixes with water (effective proportioning)

Robust bubble structure (1/4 drainage time)

GreenScreen Certification

GreenScreen Certified™ is an independent certification developed by the non-profit organization, Clean Production Action.

“GreenScreen certified identifies products that are PFAS-free and avoids other chemicals of high concern”

Look for the GreenScreen Certified logo when specifying Class B firefighting foam concentrates. Each ingredient, and potential key impurity, has been independently assessed against the EPA list of chemicals of concern and various human health and environmental end-points. For more information regarding GreenScreen Certified products visit: www.greenscreenchemicals.org